Wren mapping the world

Exploring the world through interactive mapping

Engage with the spaces around you by mapping local data with our app.

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Wren mapping the world
People mapping together

Mapping together for better.

Our Story

Space Engagers is a social enterprise which enables communities to engage with local issues and spaces that matter to them through interactive mapping. We bring together the observations, knowledge and ideas of citizens into one map to help reveal the bigger picture and provide a platform for discussion and innovation. We recognise that communities know their local issues and spaces better than anyone else.

How it Works

Choose a mapping project

Mapping is easy using our app. Choose a local project to start mapping spaces and sites, or create your own map using the Space Engagers project.

Choosing a mapping project

How it Works

Map spaces around you

Take a photo of your subject and post it to the shared map to reveal the bigger picture. Add any information you have with us.

Taking a photo

How it Works

Connect and share with others

Start or join a discussion on any post that interests you. Add your views, knowledge or ideas. Share your posts and comments on your social media networks.

Sharing your post with the world

What We Work On

Our Projects

The Space Engagers app hosts projects that enable you to address issues that matter to your community. Please contribute to these projects!

Work With Us

Do you have an idea for an interactive mapping project? Contact us and we would love to work with you.

Work with us on your mapping project

The Benefits

Why Map With Us?

Data on local communities

Useful Data

Mapping gathers useful data that is distributed throughout a large area.

Engage with local and global issues

Engage with Issues

Mapping is a quick and easy way to engage with local and global issues.

Find solutions

Help Find Solutions

Your contributions can help inform a community to find new solutions to an existing problem.

Exercise, venture outside

Health Benefits

Mapping with us involves being up on your feet and venturing outside. That means less time spent on the couch!

iPhone mockup
iPhone mockup

Get mapping for free today!

Download the Space Engagers app and start mapping your ideas, places and issues that matter to you now.